My Greatest Achievments

L21 skill: Communication and Collaboration

Claim: Communication developed social interactions with other students and also helped me learn in lessons

Evidence: My group and I communicated about our own opinions on different events and the people of China while learning about the Chinese Cultural revolution in Humanities, and collaboratively created a common craft video introducing the revolution.

Reasoning: While working together to write the script for the common craft video and deciding on the key events of the Chinese Cultural Revolution, we were able to improve each others’ sentences and vocabulary. But also share our knowledge on the events.

Evidence: Math class group discussions

Reasoning: I communicated with my table group in math to solve math problems and shared our thoughts with each other. I could develop a better understanding of the math question through communicating with other students. We could help solve and explain each others’ questions.


L21 skill: Creativity

Claim: I have shown creativity in my school works and projects throughout the trimesters

Evidence: I can create different styles of artworks and combine different artists’ art styles in the art lessons

Reasoning: Walking around the school, I could discover different elements of art such as shapes, lines, patterns and different shades

Evidence: I can compose music pieces with a theme/mood

Reasoning: I was able to show my creativity through composing pieces of music with different types of musical instruments, and creating my own unique melodies and special moods by experimenting with the pitches and dynamics of the timbre.


L21 skill: Inquiry, Critical Thinking, Problem Solving

Claim: I can develop my own ideas about different things and ask questions when confused or unsure.

Evidence: In the HFH ASA, I was able to express my ideas on the type of charity event and names we could have to draw people’s attention and be received.

Reasoning: With different ideas, we were able to come up with the best one and have a wider variety of opinions from different people.

Evidence: During design and technology lesson, we worked in a group to come up with the best construction idea so that balloons could build up into the tallest tower

Reasoning: With different opinions and ideas, we thought of different ideas that could possibly work to construct the tallest tower with the least amount of balloons. We were able to work collaboratively and do the best we can.