Plastic World

Through the Capstone unit in Humanities this trimester, I have learned a lot about the social issues China and the world. It made me realize what kind of a society I’m living in. After learning about plastic pollution, I am more careful about plastic usage in my life, and knowing the consequences of plastic pollution and how it is affecting our world. In this unit, I really improved a lot on my communication skills. I interviewed a lot of people at different age ranges and with different backgrounds. Which helped me see the issue in different perspectives.

The future of Our Planet

There are so many social issues to face in modern society, and environmental pollution is all around us even though we may not notice it all the time. My focus for the capstone project is responsible consumption and production.

How much time do we have before the world dies in our own hands?

What is the effect of irresponsible production on global warming?

How much unnecessary natural resources are being wasted because of irresponsible production (such as over-packaging)?

What is stopping us from taking action to solve this issue?

I believe that responsible consumption and production may be the most common issue in our everyday life. It is very probable that this issue will eventually be the most influential social issue affecting the Chinese environment.

With a GDP of 11.2 trillion USD in 2016, China, being one of the fastest developing and most polluted countries in the world, should most definitely be aware of its environments and start protecting it. Factories and business owners should be more responsible for their production and not just the profit.

Plante earth is our one and only home, I fear that humans in the future generation will not be able to enjoy the beautiful world as it is today. It is up to us to decide the future. I hope to make people be aware of the seriousness of environmental protection and realize the importance of taking action through this project.