Life under the Sun

The Chinese Proletarian Cultural Revolution was one of the biggest and most influential events in the Chinese history. In these ten years, China was drenched in full revolutionary atmosphere, following chairman Mao Zedong’s guides in hope of achieving a better future for China. The people of China who strongly believed and supported their great leader attacked the old cultures, ideas, customs, and habits, destroying the old buildings and denouncing the bourgeois. As a result of these actions, many people’s lives were either drastically changed or lost due to everyone’s blindness from the reality.

Even so, many things still stayed the same no matter what. Some people from the Cultural Revolution generation still feared or supported the Chinese Communist Party today. Chairman Mao Zedong is to be admired and respected by all Chinese people and believed to be the greatest leader, tutor, and savior of China. Anyone that says no against Mao in China would be in big trouble. Although religious beliefs were vigorously opposed off during the revolution, many religions were restored after the revolution and continued to be propagated in modern life.

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World of Peace

Under the silky moon light,

As the soft breaths call from

another land with cotton candy delight.

Quietly, under the soft blanket

Where the child lies, mind drifting through the peaceful night.

Such innocence and hope, held shut in the casket,

Unaware of the chaos and bloodcurdling sight outside…


Run! Run! Hurry to the safe house!

Cluttering footsteps rushing with fear;

Scream and panic mingled with gun gear clicking,

Once so subtle, now floods with the blood and tears

Of a million lives – homeless, hopeless…


Her soft weeping – enclosed by the cold dead arms

Of someone she once relied on.

The devil sings, with twisted tongue,

Accompanied by an alarming explosion,

She cries – anger burning at the top of her lungs

As ashes fly through the flesh red town;

Collapsed, like the pushed over building blocks.


The scene hunts me in the sleep

Like shrieking souls, clenching my skin;

Scorching voice begging for peace and vengeance…

If in some ferocious dream, you too could hear

The dreadful pleading, the bullets piercing

Through furious men, cold and apathetic,

My friend, you would not be so keen

On the modern society

For the world is not so peaceful

With bliss and luxury,

For the Lord is eminently a man of War.


I am proud of my figurative language used in the poem, they turned out to work great with my theme, the rhyme gave the poem some rhythm, so it was more vivid.

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