This is a book cover that I’ve created of a book called The Hate You Give, by Angie Thomas. the book tells the story of sixteen-year-old Starr Carter, balancing her life between the poor turbulent neighbourhood and the fancy suburban prep school she attends, her life took a drastic turn after witnessing the fatal shooting of her childhood best friend, Khalil, by a white policeman. Starr is the only person who’s able to support and give Khalil justice over his actions. How did she react in a situation like this?

Throughout the book,  the word “brave” was repeated over and over again by other people around Starr, complimenting her of being very brave for standing up for Khalil and not giving up. Starr, however, didn’t think herself as the brave girl others’ said she is, but thinks of herself as a coward. After going though the different interviews and chaoses around the neighbourhood, Starr learned to face the society and fight back against the hate people are giving to Khalil from an interview with the police officer who shot him.

Lightning Speed

Theft, poor grades, altercations, and a father in jail. The extraordinary life of Castle Cranshaw has made him the angry kid that always get into troubles. This summer, with his unique talent, he drastically changed his opinion on himself in Jason Reynolds‘ novel – Ghost.

“…You can’t run away from who you are, but what you can do is run toward who you want to be.” (Rey 155) Through witnessing his own father shooting at his wife and their son, it left a dark hole in Castle’s heart and mind, until one summer afternoon, his casual encounter with the “Defenders” track team and Coach changed his opinion on running. Running was Castle’s “crazy” natural talent, with a nickname he gave himself called “Ghost”, he was no doubt the fastest kid in the team. After knowing all of the team crews’ story of why they’re running, Castle got to know everybody better, it also changed his opinion on running. Coach tells him that no one can run away from who they are, but the true purpose is to run toward who they want to be. The postcard that I made above showed Castle’s feeling after all the track training with Coach and how the events had changed him, how he embraced his anger, and finally found who he is and who he wants to be.

Accept your life and face the reality, be strong and run towards your dream.

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Hermia’s Dream

The magazine cover above shows the characterisation of Hermia from A Midsummer Night’s Dream by William Shakespeare. I chose to write about this character because Hermia is in a despair situation where she has to decide to either die or to marry Demetrius – a man who she doesn’t love – to obey Egeus – her father’s – wish. I think there is a lot to say about Hermia’s situation and the theme would fit well with a magazine cover.