Changing is a Part of Life

“She could never talk again. Not after what happened.” (Marsden, cover). The theme of So Much to Tell You by John Marsden is to face the unexpected changes in life no matter how hard it is. Marina is a strong character that has been through so many changes physically and emotionally. First of all, in the beginning of the book, right after what happened, her face is different. Not only is she self-abased of her looks, she was also excluded from her peers and they stare at her because of her looks. Marina is scarred, in shock, and refuse to speak to others. Which even leads Marina to a worse state. Also, she despises her father who poured acid on her. However, as the girls in the dormitory and her teachers support her with all their love, Marina is getting better step by step and is much more socialized. She eventually finds her original identity and is more open to others. Furthermore, every time when Marina thinks of her father and the memories of the two, those unpleasant of him feelings fade away. And Marina eventually finds her pathway to meet with her father, and restore their relationship. Although quiet, Marina was tough and accepted all the changes. While in the beginning, Marina thinks that “I make people uncomfortable” (Marsden 11), in the end, she completely changed, “I’m so glad I came here now!” (Marsden 112). This book was deeply moving, and it connects to real-world problems. Just like in the world, every individual is made to face multiple changes and adjust themselves into that estate. Marina’s story shows a girl with harsh conditions but made rapid changes that helped her thrive in her society in the end. In my book cover, it shows Marina walking through a dark tunnel, but she sees light at the other end. Hope surrounds her and she is changing herself back to her bright, normal self.

2 thoughts on “Changing is a Part of Life

  1. I like your book cover, and the fact that the cover shows walking through the dark until reaching the light at the end of the tunnel, symbolizing hope. This was well thought out and once realized by readers it just adds another layer that encourages deeper thought and understanding of the story. Your book cover conveys Marina’s journey very well

  2. Sorry about that my computer lagged and I accidentally sent the comment multiple times (feel free to delete the extras) Sorry ! -_-#

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