Knowledge and Technology Reflections

I consider myself as not being “political” because when I am look at events and things, I tend to look them in a logical and practical viewpoint rather than a political perspective. Also, I am less exposed to political issues or government decisions, but only through the news that I watch with my parents everyday during meals. Therefore, I am less active in party politics because I am not really interested in government and political views. From the results on the political compass and polquiz, I see myself more like a libertarian as I strongly believe that equality and human rights are important issues that is necessary to be addressed. I am conservative when I think economic freedom and personal freedom is equality important because individuals deserves to have the same rights and to be treated in the same way.

I believe that it is important to be aware of what is going on in politics because they are key knowledges that we have to know in order to adapt into society when we are adults and it is essential to know what we should say and not say in public places. For example, a well-known business man and the founder of Alibaba group was summoned to meet financial regulators because his bragging comment about the Chinese government. This case was very viral in Chinese social medias and was seen as a direct attack on the Chinese officials.


TOK Semester Reflection

  1. I think the best engagements that stand out to me is the team challenge to produce a shows, debate, and any other formats by answering one of the knowledge questions on the chapter of knowledge and technology our group chose. I believe this activity helped us to combine the things that we learned together and use the tok theories to develop a full explanation. Also, the group challenge allowed us to use work with our group members and also develop our collaboration skills with others.
  2. At the start of the course, I was bewildered and had a lack of idea on what this course will be like. Nevertheless, after my participation in TOK, I have deeper understanding about how people gain knowledge. The movie The Social Dilemma was very touching and realistic since it discussed about how the corrosive business model, technology, is affecting the way we acquire knowledge.
  3. The exhibition is an internal assessment with three major components to this: one IA prompt, images of three objects that answers the prompt, and a written commentary on each object. The most important ruling about the objects is that they must have a specific real-word context whether digital or physical format. Also, the exhibition is a task done individually and group work cannot be undertaken by students. To ensure that the students submit their own work, teachers can only provide feedback on one draft, and they are not allowed to edit the draft for the student. The word count should not go over 950 words.
  4. Based on the writing that I have done so far in the course, I can continue to improve on my skills by participating more in class discussions to develop my critical thinking skills. In addition, I could enhance my writing by defining the key terms as it provides more context and detail to support points in the following summative blog posts.

Interviewing My Parents – TOK

For this homework, I interviewed my parents to understand the development of technology and their implications for developing personal and shared knowledge. My mother told me that they heavily used dictionaries, radio, and textbooks in the school to learn knowledge without any advanced technology. The learning material provided for them is the hardcopy textbook. Still, they didn’t have a computer, calculator, smartphone, or internet to search up the question and get the knowledge at a fast speed. They had to use their brain to figure out the answers for the problems they have in the context, and she remembers her textbook severely damaged. The situation was commonplace when she was going to school because she looked at the textbook frequently that the paper is ripped for all the pages when she was going school.
For the response about her school experiences, my mother believes that there is a comparable difference between herself and my own for school. Most importantly, the teacher will always collect the homework before class starts. All of the academic assignments and homework are complete in the classroom and school. Another difference is that all sports and activities occur outdoors and outside the environment to improve students’ health. I think that there are valuable experiences necessary for our generation. She told me that teacher explains for most of the class period, and all the writing and works are hand-written on paper. One experience that I would like to gain is that the teachers and students spend most of their time together. There is more time for students to communicate during the long break between classes. The teacher also supervised the study hall for a particular subject alternating every day by the teacher coming in during study halls.

Reflection #1: Independent reading

  • What questions do you want to ask of the text?

One of the questions that I want to ask the author of the text is how the story’s title provides background and clue of the story’s plot and the primary purpose of constructing a title that closely relates to the story. The title refers to the burning down of the Richardson’s house as the first plot in the book and the climax of the plot that could develop through the symbolism of fire that disrupts the order that existed in Shaker Heights. Also, I found that the story straightly begins with a result of an event instead of setting up the context quite different from other novels. Therefore, I am interested in why Celeste Ng has organized the opening directly into the result and how it affects the story’s overflow. The book later refers back to the previous events between the different characters.

  • How does the text connect to you on a personal level? How does it relate to your life?

The text is connected to me partly, although I just read through chapter 9 of the book because sometimes my mother and myself also suffer from our relationship. My mom is a strict and controlling parent who sometimes results in my mother’s conflict and disappointment. One of the primary reasons for this is the different perspectives and beliefs between us in other areas due to the difference in generation, interests, and views between my mother and myself.

  • What prediction can you make about the rest of the novel?

I think the rest of the novel will be developed through the repetitive flashback of the characters and their interaction with Izzy Richardson to find out who burned Richardson’s house successfully, and the author Celeste Ng will continue to explore the theme of identity and order in Shaker Heights through the flashback of events.

  • What has the novel made you realize, either about the text or yourself?

The novel has made me realize that a high-school student is also related to the characters who wanted to follow their own heart and choices on some occasions. The characters portray the teenagers that also experience the issues addressed inside the book, including the relationship between Mia and Pearl.

TOK Pre-Assessment

From my perspective, everything we know ascertains base on our assumptions about the universe and, most notably, the reality. Also, the statement must be able to be proven correct with scientific evidence in order to confirm the validity of the assumption. The assumptions are structured based on the actual and implied knowledge about the universe and reality, so the statement must be correct for sure. The assumptions made by ourselves also become very useful when the person is unfamiliar with the ideology or central concept to use knowledge of how the universe functions and scientific evidence to validate a person’s claim. An individual’s assumption checked by scientific evidence and concrete facts and has definite answers.

Some of the questions that have definite answers include whether cats are a type of mammal or the eight colors presented in the rainbow. Where is the capital of South Korea? Also, the first astronomer’s name to land on the Moon. What is the sum of 2 plus 2? These examples and questions can be categorized into factual questions because the answers found upon the reality of nature rather than a subjective opinion of groups. For instance, I know that the capital city of South Korea is Seoul on account of the implied assumption and belief about the world that is supported by evidence to be accurate. The answer to the factual question is based on the existing knowledge about the countries that cannot be proven false because they are accurate facts.


First of all, the product failed because it is not working and unfinished. There is no technical skills when making product because the spinning wheel was all made up of cardboard papers and a lot amount of cutting and glueing using glueing gun were done during making.

Second of all, the quality of product is middle and the function is not shown clearly because of again the unfound materials and unfinished product. My original idea was to build something that demonstrates a energy transfer from electrical to kinetic but also children can learn from it but the last product did not clearly show the change of energy.

Lastly, to improve I think I would need to be more skillful at making things because it has been a long time since handmaking products. The idea could have been more simple that I could be able to finish in 3 hours about 4 hours time according to my ability.  However, I think this fail was a experience to me that I could do it better for the next science project.


Engineering Project: Define&Require



This product is too simple and could be done in one class and the most major                            disadvantage is that it doesn’t show a clear energy transfer.

#3  Image result for device that transfer energy

#4   This idea uses the theory of the spinning wheel. This design shows a clear energy                      transfer from electrical energy originating form the battery covered at the back and to            kinetic energy which is the path connected to the spinner. The client or audience is the          children for the purpose of learning the science behind but also playing with this                      product. This is safe for all age groups because it is handmade and it doesn’t contain              any sharp edges or harmful chemicals in there and it could be recycled which is                        environmentally friendly.