Food, Candy, or Medicine?

Chocolate is one of the most widespread sweets in the world. Chocolate is truly a gift from the gods. There are plenty of desserts and foods that contain rich quality chocolate.

When you hear the word chocolate, you probably would think of a regular chocolate bar with a rich and sweet taste. Do you know that chocolate was not a candy for most of its long history? It was first used as a drink that was thought to be more nutritious than other foods. Chocolate was also used as a medicine that could heal a wide-ranging of ailments. This versatile substance has now filled three roles: medicine, food, and candy. The long history of cacao has come to make a flourishing mixture of sweet and bitter, chocolate. The topic Kay Frydenborg has established in the book Chocolate: Sweet Science & Dark Secrets of the World’s Favorite Treat is that chocolate impacts our society and history.

Frydenborg tells us that in 1947, children were protesting about the price increase of a chocolate bar. “We want a 5-cent chocolate bar. 8 cents is going too darn far. We want a 5-cent chocolate bar. Oh, we want a 5-cent bar!” (Frydenborg, 3) They even composed a song about this. You can see how important chocolate is. They were complaining about a 3 cent increase. Nowadays, the average price of a chocolate bar in the United States is about 5 dollars.

Chocolate has been around for centuries; it has become a part of many people’s daily lives. Almost everyone loves chocolate. But who could blame them? Its rich lush flavor melts on your tongue and forces you to take another bite. The moment it was discovered; it has been cherished by all who ate it. Many things contain chocolate such as protein bars, shakes, and desserts. Chocolate is very important to us as Frydenborg claims, “Conquered tribes were forced to pay tribute to the Aztecs in the form of jewels, fine clothing, feathers, and above all, cocoa beans.” (47) Everyone demanded to have cocoa beans because they wanted to eat chocolate.

Almost everything I eat every day contains chocolate. Not only can chocolate be a candy or in candies, but it can also be foods. When I go to parties, I am most likely to see a chocolate fondue with fruits that could be dipped in the chocolate fondue. Chocolate makes me feel better and happy. It’s like a drug that I am addicted to. I bring chocolate to every swim meet. Making smores is part of the reason why I go to campfires. Melted chocolate and marshmallow in between two graham crackers sounds delectable!

Kay Frydenborg has done an astonishing job depicting the topic chocolate impacts our society and history through the book, Chocolate: Sweet Science & Dark Secrets of the World’s Favorite Treat. She has done this by describing the history that involves chocolate and the history of chocolate.

But there is still something that makes everyone perplexed. Is chocolate a food, candy, or medicine?


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