All Falls Down in Amsterdam

The novel might as well be called All Falls Down in Amsterdam since everything goes down when Hazel and Augustus are in Amsterdam. In the Fault In Our Stars, by John Green, the rising action and climax is that not only did Peter Van Houten not welcome them into his house, but Augustus announced that he had a PET scan and that his cancer has returned aggressively.  “Van Houten’s spine stiffened again out of respect. He kicked off his slippers. He had really ugly feet. He was rather ruining the whole business of authorial genius for me.” (Green, 52) They were all enjoying their visit to Amsterdam until Van Houten started the disaster. This postcard depicts Hazel telling everything to Issac about what happened in Amsterdam.

Something similar happened to me when my family and I were on vacation. We all started fighting because of one small thing and everything turned upside down after that. We were all happy in our vacation until that small thing came and ruined our visit to that country.

Hazel expressed her feelings in the postcard that she and Augustus were both sad that he was going to die. Everything went down in Amsterdam. ”

I am very sorry. There is no excuse. He is very sick,” she said. “I thought meeting you would help him, if he would see that his work has shaped real lives, but . . . I’m very sorry. It is very, very embarrassing.” (54)

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