The Syrian War in Plain English

Many revolutions were started by groups of protestors or powerful countries. But the Arab Spring revolution began with a boy who spray-painted anti-government slogans on the wall of his school. He was taken by the Syrian police and tortured for 40 days. This lead to citizens protesting in Daraa and the conflict spread within Syria. No one knew where this protest would lead to. Once this started, there was no telling when the Arab Spring would stop. Soon, hundreds of people were killed and many Syrian cities were destroyed. Syria was not the same as before. After the boy spray-painted on his school and was tortured, protestors were going out on the street supporting him. The police brutally shot the protesters. But they didn’t back down. The news of Syria started the revolution to spread and involve other countries in the Middle East. This small problem pulled in foreign countries as well. Major western countries supported the rebels meanwhile Iran and Russia supported the government. Each day, there are still more and more protesters protesting against the government. Many dictators remained in power despite the protests of the rebels. Hopefully, Syria would be able to recover from this bloody revolution that damaged the country forever.

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