Brat to Survivor

Fever 1793 by Laurie Halse Anderson is a historical fiction novel that describes the journey of a young adult, Mattie that changed her life forever. Mattie is a teen still figuring out her life although she hated doing chores and always complained about helping her mother in the garden.”‘I can’t tell who is lazier, Polly or you,’ Mother muttered as she stalked out of the room.” (Anderson, 2) However, when the yellow fever strikes Philadelphia, everyone falls sick. She had no choice but to leave her mother and the city that she loves and flee into the country with her grandfather. When they get kicked out of their carriage, Mattie’s grandfather falls ill with yellow fever. She had to learn how to survive on her own and take care of her grandfather at the same time. Not long later, Mattie becomes the victim of the fever as well. Once they return back to the city, more people were dying and her mother was missing. Thieves broke into their coffeehouse as Mattie watches her grandfather fight them. The horror of horrors, she witnesses her grandfather’s death. Mattie is truly dependent on surviving by herself. Farmers were scared to come into the city to sell their food, so there was barely any food. As Mattie takes responsibility of a baby orphan, Nell and helps Eliza in the Free African Society, she grows more mature. As soon as the frost came, the fevers were over. Mattie decided to open the coffeehouse and asked Eliza to be her partner. The coffeehouse has been more popular than ever. Mattie learned to be responsible and her journey into her adulthood is complete. “‘Stop,’ I laughed. ‘If I’m going to help run this place I had better act the part.'” (227)

One of my friends is similar to Mattie. Even though she didn’t go through this horrific event Mattie went through, likewise to Mattie, her personality also changed. After going to a different country and living by herself, she has become a lot more independent and did everything by herself. I created a fake facebook page because I wanted to indicate how Mattie’s personality has changed from her first post to her last post, going from her childhood to her adulthood; as well as describing the events that occurred throughout this novel. Mattie used to complain and depend on her mother but after that experience, she was individualistic. She used to be a brat and complained all the time, however after the fever, Mattie became a survivor, running the coffeehouse stronger than ever.

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