Firing Our Catapults Into Our Dreams

Catapult Functions Sheet Height vs. Time

Catapult Functions Sheet Height vs. Distance

Catapult Planning Sheet

Catapult Flight Path Video

The Catapult Challenge was designed to help us understand parabolas better and create functions from basic measurements. We were to create a catapult that could hit all targets in the challenges. We had to figure out the measurements of the ball flight path from a video and create a function. Which then had to be transformed into 2 other functions.

I gained so much knowledge from doing this project. I learned how to create a function given the y-intercept, vertex, and the two x-intercepts, how to define the variables mathematically and in the context of the problem, and how to change our function to hit the targets in the challenges. One of the challenging parts of this project was firing the ball in our catapult to hit the target. We had to use the same force consistently and fire it in the same direction if we hit the target the first try. I would make my catapult more sturdy next time since our rubberband snapped, we had to fix our catapult on the challenge day. This project helped me understand creating functions from key points and how the variables relate to our real world.

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3 Responses to Firing Our Catapults Into Our Dreams

  1. Ashley Z says:

    2 Stars:
    -Your catapult looks absolutely amazing and so aesthetically pleasing
    -Your math for the height vs. time and height vs. table is really good and your explanation on the sheets are very coherent

    1 Wish:
    -I wish your blogpost was less perfect… the juxtaposition of my blog post with yours is driving me insane…

  2. lynn.chen says:

    ⭐️: You displayed all your evidence, and charts, so it is very complete.
    ⭐️: I think your description of the process was also really detailed and specific.
    : I think yours is already really descriptive. No changes are needed. EB!!

  3. Susan says:

    It’s really nice to see that Ashley included her planning sheet on the post. Also, she showed her understanding of quadratics by putting on the functions she made for her catapult. It would be better if she can include pictures or videos that show the process of improving her product.

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