A Snapshot of A Young Girl’s Captivating Story

Hundreds and hundreds of children die every day from water-transmitted diseases. Not only can we die or get infected by drinking contaminated water but by just passing the rivers. Over a long period of time, the toxic smell infects our lungs and we become infected. This video contributes to our society by informing and educating everyone about water pollution and warning them about the dangers of water pollution. At first, I thought that most people in China had access to clean water. However, after this project, I realized in China, only 20% of China’s largest cities have safe drinking water. Over the course of the Capstone project, I learned to be confident in public speaking and comfortable with interviewing and talking to strangers. We went on multiple trips to help our Capstone project, this also improved my skill on being able to interact with local citizens. If I were to do this project again, I would definitely choose a different topic that I barely have any knowledge on so that it would be a risky challenge to take on. Something that next year’s 8th graders should know is that they should get as much research done as possible and try to finish work early so that revisions can be made.

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