#1: Define and Inquire

As shown in the 3 photos below, I am going to create a jewelry or earring box. It is basically a working mechanical mini Ferris wheel but instead of the carts, I am going to replace them with earring boxes. This project or task is for my sister who doesn’t have an organized jewelry box.

Instead of carts: Earring Boxes

I like the overall ideas of the first video above because most of the materials used are easy to access, but the base part might be hard to make since I might not get the measurements exactly correct or because it requires special dangerous equipment.

So for the base of the Ferris wheel, I plan to use the second video’s base since it is just popsicle sticks which is practical to make.

For the beads in the first video, I might not be able to get them. So as a backup idea, I can use the cardboard circle thing.

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