My Learning

                            My First Two Days


I entered the main entrance of ISB. It felt so good to be back. It was my ninth year at ISB. I was so excited to see my friends again. Right as I walked into the main doors, I felt a refreshing breeze of the air conditioning. I ran up the stairs as fast as possible not wasting a second of seeing my friends. When I first saw my homeroom, I was disappointed that it wasn’t in the eighth-grade hall. But I was looking forward to meeting my new classmates. When I saw my friends, I rushed towards them and hugged them for a long time. When I went back to my homeroom, the class was filled with people sitting on the tables. I sat down awkwardly with my backpack on my lap waiting for someone I knew to walk into the door. After a few minutes later, when everyone arrived, I started was familiar with the people in my class. Then, we were told by my other mentor teacher, Mr. Northcott, that Ms. Cox was still in Canada and that she will not be back until the next week. In the morning, we went around in our class and tried filling each of our classmates’ names on this sheet to get bingo. After the break, we went to the gym to take a group photo and do some fun activities. Lunch was next, but my friends and I didn’t bring our ID cards. So we had to go back to our lockers. By the time we got to the cafeteria and bought our lunches, Mr. Schafer was telling us to go to class. But we didn’t start eating yet, so we had no choice but to throw away our lunch. Math, PE, and humanities were fun! The teachers were just telling us the rules and introductions to our new units. Then school ended, I was ecstatic that I got over the first day!

The next day, I was also thrilled to go to school. During mentoring, we stood in a circle and each made up adjectives for ourselves that start with the same letter as our name. Mr. Northcott started to say his adjective and his name. We each had to say the adjectives and names of the people in front of us. Then some people were brave and willing to try to name everyone’s adjectives and names. After mentoring, we had humanities. It was very fun because we got to read during class. Then we got started on our blog which was interesting. Lunch flew by quickly but I got to eat! The following block was design technology. It was an introduction to being a responsible digital citizen. Then we designed our own sticker about a good digital citizen. The last block was science! We completed this sheet that was about who we were. Then we watched a video that Ms. Cox sent us from Canada introducing the units we were going to learn. Another day has gone by! Time flew so quickly. But I was overflowing with homework. Overall, these two days were a fun way to start the school year!

                            Goals 2017-2018


Academic Goal:

I will read at least 40 pages of a book every day. I will actively work towards this goal by reading whenever I have time.

Wellness Goal:

I will try to get at least 9 hours of sleep every day. I will actively work towards this goal by finishing my homework on time and being efficient. I know I have achieved this goal when I am less tired during school.

Personal Goal:

I will improve my violin skills in order to pass my diploma exam. I will do this by practicing at least 7 hours a week.