Interview Parents

When interviewing my parents about the resources they had, I was a bit shocked. They explained how they used textbooks to find what they needed for their work, such as research papers. And how they had to go through many books and scan the library to see what they needed. This seems so tedious as I can look up on google “what was the longest war in history” and find the answer in a matter of seconds. In comparison, my parents would have to look through different history books and logically think about which war was the longest by comparing it to other wars. They talked about how they would spend hours in the library after school, searching for the right books and the correct information within the books.

In terms of how they had their note to review for tests, they referred to having to write down all the information the teachers said into notebooks. Needing to write down the notes as the teacher was speaking them because there wasn’t a way for the teachers to “post” what was taught in the lesson that day. With today’s technology, I use a digital notebook to keep my notes and thoughts clear and make sure to refer back to the posted lessons when studying for a test. I could not write in a psychical notebook because my handwriting would be too messy and not legible.

Those two things put into perspective how much we think googling the answer or online notebooks are “normal” or “simple.” However, in reality, they make school much easier for us to obtain knowledge and write down the knowledge we receive from class.

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