The Social Dilemma

The biggest take away from the documentary watched in class was how much modern technology is changing the youth in the wrong direction. Such as how knowledge can become acquired in modern days with technology. Whichever platform consumers are using feeds them what they think will get the consumer to stay for the longest time. Which is how fake news gets spread. If the platform thinks the users are more likely to look at something that says “modern advances have found a way for pigs to fly,” they will feed you that news article or video even though the knowledge they are spreading is fake. Getting fed these false news articles can lead to a false sense of truth within the society that gets fed these things.

Another thing is how the platforms reinforce what prospective we already have rather than showing us different ones. The platforms gather information about us continually and use it to feed us what they believe will keep us on their platforms for a more extended period. If a platform sees a person watching many videos about flat earth, they will continue to feed more flat earth perspective. Rather than showing the perspective of someone who believes the earth is round. Which can give a skewed view of the consumer as they will not understand the other viewpoint because they will not have seen or understood the other side as they do not get presented.

Social platforms have also caused a skyrocket in things such as depression, anxiety, suicide, and social approval in early teens to young adults. Social media has caused the new generation to become more and more fragile. As they are constantly presented with “standards” such as how to look, how skinny one must be, and how many likes one should get. While many know how social media influences their self-esteem or causes them to become depressed or have anxiety, they will not delete their accounts. This is because social media has become a drug to many people of the new generation, just as addicting as cocaine, weed, or any other drug.

Lastly, it explained how social media and other platforms slowly change a person’s viewpoint, personality, and mindset.  The platforms use little habits or weaknesses they can manipulate. They will feed the consumer something to change the habit or weakness to manipulate the user into spending more time on the platform. The consumers are not aware of these manipulations as they are gradual and hard to pick up on.

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