Semester 1 Reflection TOK

During the first semester, when considering the knowledge questions “Knowledge and the Knower” and “Knowledge and Technology,” I was able to understand how the technology is limiting the perspectives of the users/knowers. Watching “The Social Dilemma” really grabbed my attention and has stuck with me the most. Since watching the documentary, I have noticed the number of things that pop up on my “for you page.” Seeing something I have just talked to my sister about or texted a friend, which seemed scary because they knew what I have been saying and whats was going on in my life.

Since the start of the course, my perspective on reality and what is not has changed. I have begun to question the reasoning behind somethings some of my perspectives on the world. I see how many other people and I’s perspectives have changed based on other people’s thoughts, actions, etc., as these thoughts were what as “trending” and “popular.”

In terms of the exhibition, I want to keep in mind that I need to use three artifacts. Especially when choosing a knowledge question, I need to be able to have three artifacts.

Earlier writings I have done this semester of the course. I realize that I need to use more formal writing to connect back to the knowledge question. Along with including more research to have a better argument/opinion on the topic.

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