Political Being Reflection

I consider myself a political being in some instances. I stand for equal rights, how abortion should be illegal if not causing health issues to the mother, and so on. But I don’t usually engage in things such as government affairs and elections. But being political does not just include worrying about the election and upcoming campaigns. It also has to do with things like the Black Lives Matter movement, petitions to make abortion illegal, and saving the ocean from toxic waste. Just about everything in day to day life is political anything where you can take a standpoint can be taken is political, like whether or not coke is the best soft drink. Many can argue that there are many destructive health issues from drinking too much coke, so it is not the best. Another may say that coke is the best soft drink but shouldn’t drink coke every day. Causing it to be political, there are different angles and takes on the subject varying from person to person. Aside from that, it is vital to be involved in political issues. You don’t have to be apart of every single political issue there is. But you should be knowledgeable about what is going on around you. Like right now, the Black Lives Matter movement and saving the ocean from toxic waste are so important, yet some people probably don’t know about them other than what’s shown on Fox News.

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