Reflection 2.3

I do not consider myself to be political, because I dont have an interest in politics and I do not often engage myself in political discussions or political activities.  It is difficult to say what political signifies in its various applications and how it signifies what it does. We use it to discuss quite different kinds of things such as institutions, actions, conflicts, expenditures, a type of discourse, a branch of science, and such.  Not everything is political, because some things are simply not related to politics. However, it is quite important to be aware of the current politics because government and politics impact nearly every aspect of our lives. I think the most political issue is the American election between Joe Biden and Donald Trump. Because I dont have an interest in politics, I only remember the election recently. All the new report about this.   

Differences Between Times

In 1960-70, which was when my parents went to school. Students didn’t have access to the internet; the only thing they access is books. Since my parents went to school in the era of the cultural revolution, the book and school are not allowed in China.  According to my father, until he got into middle school, he read the first book he ever read, the textbooks used by Chinese schools provided for students with all of his knowledge, and there was rarely a case where an outside book was required. Also, they didn’t have permission to read other books. Moreover, in rural places, there were no libraries available in the environment. The real-life experience was also a method of acquiring knowledge. My father learned a lot about nature by simply playing outside. In conclusion, my parents’ knowledge methods are textbooks for school-related knowledge and life experiences for miscellaneous knowledge.

The school experiences of my parents also were drastically different from mine. At ISB, students are encouraged to conduct their own learning and manage their own time wisely. However, in 1970-80, teachers and less emphasis on students study. Students gain knowledge through heavy repetition.

In conclusion, the methods and the knowledge that I learned right now compared to my parents are totally different. Nowadays, most students gain knowledge from not only books and educators, but also from the internet. The way teachers teach is different. Nowadays, teachers emphasize students’ engagement and learn individually rather than giving out lectures before.

Flipped – English reflection

The book that I read is called flipped. The plot of the book is basically about the love experience of the two main characters, which is Bryce and Julie. I just started the book and it talks about how Bryce and Julie meet and Julie fall in love with Bryce at first sight, which makes me thought about the first sight relations of myself and the pure and innocent feelings between us. However, I just can’t understand why Bryce doesn’t like Julie at the beginning? Why Bryce’s parents maybe only his father is so mean to Julie’s parents. The prediction that I can make is they definitely overcome some misapprehend and difficulties, and finally, they get together at the end. When I read this book, I feel so excited to look at how their relationship develops through time, and somehow admire their relations. I really like the book.


In different areas, there are different truths, which means there are different ways to approach. Because there is a distinct way of knowing in different areas, which leads some of the ways of knowing the truth within an area of knowledge is more accurate than the others. Different areas can be divide into the perceptual area and the rational area. For example, art and language subject can be categorized as perceptual area, and sense perception, language, and emotion will be a better way to learn in these subjects since the truth of art is meaning and emotion from the piece or the composition that comes from the mind and eye of art pieces.

The truth in the perceptual area is the complete opposite of the rational area. The truth in art is the true meaning and emotion of the piece or the composition that comes from the creator’s mind and eye, which is how the creator feels. The truth in art and language isn’t like a truth that individuals would receive in a scientific experiment. It won’t give you a specific result or numbers and data. The truth in art is not literal but instead contains an inner layer of truth related to the creator’s emotion toward art. The truth in art is the opposite of science, which means the best way of knowing in these two areas will be different. Emotion might be a better way of knowing the truth in art.

Instead of knowing art and language, mathematics and science are expressed differently. Through the proper understanding of the rational area, people can utilize the patterns, numbers, etc., which apply the proper reasoning. Emotion and perception do not play a large role in finding the truth within science and mathematics because they involved the human senses, not reason. The truth in mathematics is dependent on numbers and calculations, not through feelings or senses.

Some ways of knowing more likely than others to lead to truth; with different knowledge areas come different truths that are distinct and vary from other areas. The truths come easier than others. It is easier to use reason as a way of knowing in science. The truth in the arts is easy by using perception, language, and emotion compared to reason, which is the complete opposite of science. In conclusion, depending on the area and the form of truth, there are different accurate ways of knowing that lead to different truths.


My name is Aurora. Li and I lived in three countries before. I am good at playing the violin, drawing, and cooking. English is really challenging for me since I am not good at it. I like hanging out with my friends and playing video games. I have a cat and two dogs.

I know that TOK is learning about “What we know” and prove that “How do we know”. I know this because my friend told me that, and it is similar to the question that I am answering now.

Blogpost #4: Reflect and Share


The action of a catapult uses tension, torsion, and gravity, it employs rubber band to create torsion and throw the marble. The most efficient and accurate type of catapult, a trebuchet makes use of a heavier counterweight than the payload to provide the energy for launch.

The area I think was successful is that the catapult is working, it and launch the marble.

The areas I need to improve in the product is choosing a material that is more fit to make to catapult and also using the glue gun more carefully and accurately.

The catapult does not impact on the environment a lot. The potential client will be the people who like to teasing friend using the catapult.

Blogpost #1: Define and Inquire

Engineering task is a coordinated series of activities or tasks involved engineers, designers, drafters, and others from one or more engineering disciplines


This catapult will be used as a fun toy to throw things at people. It will use mechanical power from using your hands and will transfer the energy into the kinetic energy of the flying projectile.

-Recreational machines

This is a game machine designed for recreational.


We had a trip to Shimenshan. It’s a really exciting and wonderful trip, we did a lot, such as climbing, rafting and building rafts all by ourselves. The experience was so memorable that I would remember it forever.The whole process was pleasant except for the hotel, which is smelly and there were bugs and loud noise. Anyway, it’s a wonderful trip.