A Strict Chinese Mother From “Rules of the Game”

The short story Rules of the Game by Amy Tan describes how a young Chinese girl named Waverly Jong is living in the Chinatown in San Francisco. After she found her talent in chess, she became an international chess champion. Her mother is a strict, and typical Chinese mother, but she is very proud of her daughter. Even though her mother is strict and harsh, she still supports her daughter in her chess playing.

Waverly’s mother is extremely strict and is displeased easily. She when her daughter misbehaves. When Waverly misbehaves, her mother’s eyes turn into two dark slits, warning Waverly about her bad behaviour. “My mother’s eyes turned into dangerous black slits. She had no words for me, just sharp silence.” (Tan, 9).

There are many typical Chinese mothers, Waverly’s is one of them. Waverly’s mother is a stereotypical Chinese mother. She always says mysterious wise sayings and ties her daughter’s hair into braids. She is very strict and often disciplines her daughter.

Despite her harsh attitude to her daughter, she is very proud of her. Waverly is a chess champion, she won a mass amount of games and her mother supports her. Once Waverly is well known, she went around shops telling everyone about her daughter. “”This my daughter Wave-ly Jong,” she said to whoever looked her way.” (9).

All in all, Waverly’s mother is strict, typical, and proud of her daughter. Even though she can be really harsh, but she still is very fond of her daughter.

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