Always Watching

1984 by Austin Lu

In the year 1984, Winston Smith lives in Oceania, a place where everyone is controlled and oppressed by the party. The party eliminates human individuality with an always watching “Big Brother”. Defying the ban on personality, Winston Smith dares to express himself through a dairy and pursues a relationship with his coworker Julia. These criminal¬†actions brought the eyes of the party to Winston Smith. He was punished for the thought crimes he committed and his rebellion against the party.

“Total control doesn’t make a perfect world”

In the book 1984, the party has total control over Oceania. They control the people, language, and even personality. But this complete¬†control does not make a perfect world, the ban on human personality destroyed normal society.”Big brother is watching you”. On the book cover, is a glaring eye. It is supposed to represent “Big Brother” and how he is always watching and punishing the people who dare to think freely. Therefore, the people live in oppression and fear.


Tool used: Canva

Icons used:
Eye by Gregor Cresnar from the Noun Project

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