Russian Revolution


Sergei (Austin)

It has been 15 years since Vladimir Lenin died. In theses 15 years, Russia has changed a lot. For these past few years, I have worked ambitiously. My efforts have earned me a General rank in the army. As a General, I worked with Stalin, our new leader. After Lenin died, Stalin came in to power. I respect Stalin’s will to get things done, but he is a ruthless man. Now I rest in my office in Moscow, a beautiful city and the well-known capital of the Soviet Union. After the Non-aggression treaty was signed yesterday, everyone could relax and take some stress off of their backs. I enjoy peaceful times like these even if fighting is my job.

I remember in 1924, when I first heard Lenin died. I felt regretful because he was a man I respected. With Lenin gone everyone wondered who would be the next leader, that was when Stalin came in. Joseph Stalin is like a machine, ruthless and emotionless, thirsty for power. He took Lenin’s death as an advantage, doing anything to gain control. Stalin spread himself through huge amounts of propaganda, people treated him like a god. He killed almost anyone that opposed him to remain in control. During 1928, The Five Year Plan was created. It demanded impossible factor output goals, working the peasants for 24/7. 1935 and 1938 was called “The Purge” anyone suspected of disloyalty was murdered, sent to labour camps, or put on public show trials at which they pleaded guilty to incredible crimes they could never have done. I have met Stalin before, he even taught me a few things. “No man, no problem.”, that was his philosophy. I respect his strong will and determination, but he is too inhumane and cruel. I remember when I was in charge of one of the Gulags. I didn’t like how merciless we had to be in the camps, but I had a job to do, and I was ready to face anything. Even if Stalin was cold-blooded and bad leader, I did my best to please him. I knew what he was capable of and what would happen if you opposed him. The USSR took a turn for the worse, but I feel like there is still a small chance to save our union.

These past few years have been bad. There has been mass loss of life, terrible political choices, and a vicious new dictator. The Soviet Union is like a corpse, slowly decaying and decomposing. I am worried about our union’s future. I want to make a change, do something that will make this country better. I am sick of the death, starvation, and fear that has been haunting everyone. Russia is in a horrible state, and I want to make it better. I hope that we can get through this hard time and make the USSR great again.

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