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What changed in China as a result of the revolution? 

The Chinese Cultural Revolution setback China and its economy, creating 10 years of bloodshed, torture and disaster. Mao needed to devastate his enemies, so he falsely  claimed that the party was invaded by counter revolutionary “revisionists” who needed to overthrow communism and made tyrant of the bourgeoisie. Numerous students stood up and volunteered to help Mao, they denounced and mortified their family and teachers. As a result, after the after the revolution, around 500000 to 2 million died. And of course, the economy development slowed down, and China became unproductive.

What stayed the same in China as a result of the revolution? 

Today, communism is still the Chinese government. The Chinese people of today still can not say how Mao was wrong during the last 10 years of his life. Mao is still praised, his portrait is still respectively hung on the Tian An Men square. The government decided they should still follow Mao because he was a communist. Today, the reputation of Mao is still the same. No one dares pointing his mistakes out, or else there will be legal consequences. 

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