Very Interesting Catapult Challenge

This project required us to create a catapult that is able to fire a ping-pong ball at a consistent and accurate distance. We ended up making three prototypes, each having their own characteristics. The first prototype was a basic and simplistic design. It worked at an average consistency, but the catapult lacked power. Therefore came our second design. The second prototype featured more of a launcher design, similar to a crossbow. We based our third design on the second prototype. The build quilty was improved, and we also added a better firing mechanism.

-Prototype #1

Pros: Simple, consistent

Cons: Lacking in power



-Prototype #2

Pros: Powerful

Cons: Not consistent due to poor build quality




-Prototype #3

Pros: Consistent, powerful

Cons: Hard to fire freestanding

The challenging part of the project was building the catapult. We had to test and changed different parts to keep improving our accuracy. I learned that trial and error is a crucial part of making the perfect product.

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