Capstone Project

The Capstone project was a great learning experience for me. During the research stage of the project, I learned new information about China’s energy production. It was really interesting to study China’s renewable energies and fossil fuels energies.

This project helped raise awareness for the energy problems that China is facing. Power depletion and pollutions are the main worries for China, our documentary talks about there issues and addresses it to the viewers.

My values, opinions, beliefs stayed the same. I believe still that China should be transitioning to alternative energy.

Surveying students in ISB was a fairly easy task. Since I know students of the ISB community, it was really easy to talk to and survey them.

If I could do this project again, I would put more time into research. In my opinion, research was the hardest part of the Capstone Project. I feel like I could still do better research if I were to do this project again.

For the next 8th grade students, I would recommend focusing on a topic you enjoy. I choose renewable energy and extremely enjoyed researching and learning about my topic.

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