Science Engineering Project Blog Post #3

I began to make my first prototype out of cardboard. My original design of a portable solar power bank was scrapped due to a lack of materials. My new design was going to be a solar powered motor with an on/off switch. At the time, I was still thinking about what to put on my motor. The cardboard prototype was only to test my wiring and basic structure.

First, I made the shell for the basic design. Then, I added a piece of cardboard to the motor to mimic the fan.

I put the solar panel on the back to test my wiring and if it is functional. My prototype was a success and I decided to start working on my final product. It will be made out of wood, a better material than cardboard.

By the end of the day, I managed to finish 70% of my project. I made 6 wooden sides to create a complete square. I cut a hole on one side to fit the motor, and another smaller one on another side for the power button. After hot-glueing motor and power button, I glued on two more sides. Soldering was a bit slightly complicated because of the tight space. Now, I just need to glue the top and bottom then wire the solar panel.


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