Science Engineering Project Blog Post #4

On the final day of the project, I finished wiring my product and glued everything together. The fan was functional and successful. The solar panel and power button were wired correctly, so users and control whether to turn the machine on or off.

Energy transfer in this project:

The solar panel converts the heat energy from the sun into electrical energy. Which then powers the motor, turning into mechanical energy. Here is a video of the final product.

Here is a video of the final product:

Video of Product

My areas of success were how the final product was decently aesthetic looking. Also, my wiring and soldering were all done correctly. Everything went according to plan even though I had to scrub my first idea.

I could still improve on the functionality of my product. It works, but it might act more like an accessory than a practical, legitimate fan. I was so focused on the basic design of the product, I did not think about the fans. That is an area I still need to improve on.

All in all, this project still as an positive impact on the environment. Even though it might not be as powerful as an actual fan. It still uses sunlight to power its self. Therefore, it does not require batteries or disposable methods to receive power. The client can enjoy a little fan accessory without using any batteries or house electricity at all.


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