Independent reading project #2: The dark tower:  The Gunslinger

The dark tower: The gunslinger is a story between the gunslinger who named Roland and a evil demon called “Man in Black”. Story is showing good against evil by Roland and the demon to present, and in another way the book also show a conflict of self VS self, Roland use his gun kill the people of entire town before; include child and his lover, he’s heart and mind is controlled by a demon child when a invisible female is have something with him and they made a demon child which the child controlled Roland’s mind. The rising action start when Roland chase The man in black right to another world which is New York; and he meet a boy named Jake who dreamed Roland, black tower and The man in black, which Roland found out The man in Black is hiding somewhere in Jake’s school, the climax is when Roland and Jake chase The man in black near by the dark tower and Roland are fighting The man in black.

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One thought on “Independent reading project #2: The dark tower:  The Gunslinger

  1. Great Job. I like how you included a clear rising action. It’s a quite creepy book about a demon child. Are there any quotes in the book that relate to the characters or the conflict?

    Have you read IT? It is the same author as “The Gunslinger”, Stephen King. There has been two movies of it, the new one just came out a few months ago. It is a quite scary book and movie.

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