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Global warming is happening currently and it’s treating the whole humanity. The book Our Choice, is about a huge crisis we are facing right now, which is global warming. Author AI Gore wants to make the younger generation  know about global warming, why it is happening and who cause it. He also want us to understand why is it a huge crisis that is threatening the whole humanity currently and want us to react on solving global warming issue; so we could build a better future for the whole society and earth itself.

All the major causes of global warming are created by us, human. According to the pollution data around the world, countries like China and USA produce approximately 1.6 billion tonnes of CO2 a year. In Our Choice AI Gore conclude and agreed“Climate change, global warming, climate crisis—-it has different names, but they all mean the same thing: the earth’s environment is changing, and we, human beings, are the primary cause.”(AI Gore). Myself, as a younger generation who is responsible for the future of humanity and earth itself. Because global warming won’t just affect a person’s life, it will affect the whole humanity’s future.

So global warming is already happening and it link to every human around the world, if we don’t act on solving global warming, it would destroy our society and environment; even the doom of humanity.


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