Theater Design:Nightmare World

About my piece

Describe what you were creating:

I created a theater design piece about my nightmare dream using cardboard, yellow/pencil, glue gun, black paint. It is about a giant alien ship that invade the city, I use the black for the background to show the mysterious of the shape and the setting of the night giving people a creepy feeling.

Were you successful or unsuccessful:

My design almost reaches my expectation, but also failed. For example, it shows my basic perspective of my dream, but also failed on showing the perspective in theater and because of the limited time, I didn’t add too much detail on my design.

What did you learn about: Your skills, the idea of design, or creating something for an Audience?

I got a good design idea, but I am still lacking on my designing skills and creating something for audience.

How could you develop the piece further?

I could try to create a 3-dimensional design, so I could give a clear idea on how my design will would show in theatre, how it would show to the audience and also think about where the performer should perform and E/E.

About one another design (Kevin)

What do you see? What feeling sensations, or emotions does it evoke?

I see a table, a chair and a plate on the table that is in front of a black wall and below is floor covered in black. It gives me a very strange feeling, because it was a very dark place and a lonely place, a place only with himself and a guy forcing him to eat.

What do you like or what sticks out to you about design?

I like how simple the design is, and it also contains a creepy feeling after knowing the design.

Were they successful or unsuccessful

I guess both, because the design gives people a weird and creepy feeling, but the designer didn’t ass too much detail on the design based on his story.

How COULD they develop this further: Give them 2 possible ideas.

He could create two people and food on the plat for his design. Sense his dream was a guy forcing him to eat, but his design does not show it.

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