3 thoughts on “Artifact Wall 3.0

  1. jerry.zheng

    What do I see:
    I see a poster that has a short phrase written on it. I see a doctor and a person wear a mask. I see pride flags. I see the symbol of the #blacklivesmatter movement. I
    What do I think:
    I think that is a “what does it mean to understand” question. I think that is is referencing the current George Floyd protests in the U.S.
    What do I wonder:
    What was the design idea behind the placement of the characters? who was the creator trying to talk to?

  2. charl.patrickdooling

    I see: A clear and powerful answer to the question “What makes an argument effective?” and many supporting graphics.
    I think: You answered this question very well- in a creative and concise way. You get straight to the point, which makes it easier to understand your take on the prompt.
    I wonder: What has the potential to make an argument ineffective?

  3. loviise.puntso

    See: There is a phrase in the center. There are people with masks on. There is a flag. There is a fist, a cape, and bright colors.

    Think: This is a poster reflecting some of the things we fight for in the modern world. The purpose of this poster is to promote action, for people to fight for what they believe in.

    Wonder: I wonder what it is you fight for and how you are making your thoughts known.


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