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Claustrophobic Nightmare World

My set design exhibits the anxiety caused by tight enclosures, and the feeling of being trapped. To do this, I created a tower of cardboard boxes, ensuring that, although I was trying to show that the actors were trapped, I left one side of the boxes open so that the audience could see what was going on inside. I feel that I was successful in creating the idea of claustrophobia, but I wish that I could have made it more like a set in the way that I did not think of entrances and exits for the actors. Through creating this piece, I learnt a lot about the different perspectives of the audience and properly creating something to scale.

In Sabrina’s piece I see bright colours that set the eerie and angry mood she created. She was definitely successful in using paint and colours to her advantage, as well as creating more texture and 3D aspect of the scenery. One idea I may have for her is to have more on stage objects to add to the scenery.