Design Studio Project: Graphic Design – Define & Inquire

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China Open, a professional tennis tournament would like a flat portrait of a tennis player for their advertisement. The portrait may be used for a poster, brochure, website, wall, etc.

Primary – A more artistic advertisement usually is directed more towards a younger audience + Tennis fans

Secondary – Attract people aesthetically to engage in tennis

Improve a form of advertisement aesthetically through imagery

Present proper information on the tournament
Include notable players competing for the tournament
The illustrations are very detail based and time-consuming
User Persona:
Before beginning the design, I’ve visited several sites to find similar styles of design to what I am doing, all three artworks demonstrate a realistic element blended with implements from the artist. The first artwork gave me a very good example of hair, as the level of detail is not too minimal or extreme and gives a very good representation of the hairstyle of the character. The second artwork is a good example of the detail in the artwork, the character shows good depth through the way the clothing is shaded. The last piece of artwork also gives a good example of shading on the character, but it gives a better example as it also shows the hair and face of the character.


One thought on “Design Studio Project: Graphic Design – Define & Inquire”

  1. Good Morning Bill,

    You have utilized your design skills on your user persona while creating a representation of people who play Tennis. You have a good idea of how a brochure/poster could represent a players icon during a tournament. I like the idea of advertisement as a way of showing off your designs. You are the GOAT

    — Grayson

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