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The biggest challenge of this creation process was to keep the same aesthetic of the poster but not enough for it to be a mess or for there to be no focal point, in order for the information to be the focal point, it is in a different and contrasting color compared to the rest of the poster. The original portrait was a simple recreation of the image used but after tweaking around with fills and colors, it turned out more as line art. The work reflects me as a designer as it shows I like to work with abstraction, lines, and typography.

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3 thoughts on “User Persona”

  1. Hi Bill,

    Your poster is excellent – it has gone into such a cool creative direction since I last saw your portrait. Outstanding style, colours and typography.

    Can you please check over this task’s blog requirement because there are some simple reflection questions that you need to include for your assessment. It would also be really good to also see the completed portrait in this post because you did such a great job with the more realistic version also.


    Mr Griffin

  2. I really like how you used very abstract lines to create your portrait. I didn’t know you were interested in logo design but that sound very interesting.

  3. I like the design you use the lines in your poster, which bring your design to the next level. Maybe next time, write more about the details during the process.

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