Typography Booklet

In this unit, we looked into typography design. I was assigned with the font Univers and tasked with understanding the creator and background of this font.

For the process of these two graphics, the first step was to research graphics using Univers to see how this font is generally used in designs. A common theme was the idea of universal and consistent. The Univers font consists of dozens of variations, each able to complement each other very well, and therefore designers use this to their advantage to create interesting pieces.

What is typography and why is it important for all designers to understand? Typography is a crucial aspect of design, it is the simplest way to convey a message, designers are able to use the font directly, or manipulate it in a may in conveys a message through a graphic instead of text.

What is the most useful or interesting thing you learned about typography during this unit? Different typography styles are able to convey different messages and moods in a graphic. For example, this font creates a modern and simplistic feeling to the design.

What do you think you need to learn more about? Something I wish I had more time learning was the process of designing a font and how to design a font myself.

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