Food Truck: Blog Reflection

During the Design Studio course, our task was to create graphics and branding material for a client opening a mobile catering business, the style and foods were for us to decide.

The Design Problem

For the food truck, I’ve decided it to be a western grill style food truck containing foods such as burgers, salads, sandwiches. As with this particular style, the targeted audience will be primarily western, and in my design I would like to create a secondary target towards young adults, as minimalism is a very popular concept currently, a minimalistic but attractive logo will drive attention towards young adults.

Examples of Minimalistic Logos:











For other inspirations, I particularly liked Shake Shake and Avocado Tree.

Shake Shack has in my opinion has one of the best restaurant logo designs. It is minimalistic, friendly, and gives an idea of what the restaurant is. This will be one of my most influential inspirations.

Avocado tree is also an example of a minimalistic and interesting design for a logo. Its text clearly delivers the way the restaurant operates.

After surfing the internet for inspiration I began to generate possible ideas

In these designs, there are several concepts which I could possibly continue working on. In the top right corner, the design is more complicated, but its style is able to be more appealing to children. The three designs in the middle as well as the design on the bottom left are simplistic logos which simply delivers a message, my favorite of these four is the spatula in the flame. My favorite design of the bunch is the logo on the bottom right, it collects design concepts from both the Shake Shack and Avocado Tree logo. I really like it because it gives a modern vibe and would appeal to a large audience.

As for the final product, I decided to continue creating a minimalistic logo

To complete the branding the branding material, I created a menu and used a photoshop mockup of some food packaging.

Lastly, I created a mockup of what the final food truck would look like.


During this project, I believe I kept my design minimalistic and easily understandable. Each aspect of the graphic contributes to the design as a whole. The logo also fits well with the mockups, I especially like the logo on the food packaging mockups. My favorite part of this project was the freedom we were given for creativity, but overall there are still possible improvements which I can have. For example, one improvement is to create  vectors of different foods such as salads, sandwiches , etc. This way these vectors could also be used in the menu or even packaging. Another thing I feel lacking is color, an issue with adding color is the logo does not really fit with any very colorful palettes, but possibly I can do something similar to Shake Shack by using a primary color of green and a black to go with the green.

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