My name is Bill Zhu, throughout my six years at ISB, I have continuously developed my skills for problem-solving, time management, communication, and many other important skills necessary for critical thinking and learning. Over the next two years, I will be taking TOK, hoping to learn more on thinking critically of knowledge.

What do you know for sure, and how do you know it?

Looking at this question, it is difficult to pinpoint a certain thing that I know for sure, I can tell someone that a chair is there or I’m thinking of a chair, then I know for certain these actions are what I am doing. These are instant thoughts of mine, therefore another thing which I know for sure is awareness. But as others and my thoughts and views constantly transition and evolve, then I believe nothing else other than awareness would be something I can know for sure. Repeating patterns are part of reality which make us believe it will occur again, for example, the sun will rise in the morning, the moon will come up again, or it will be winter in china in December. These patterns are things I believe will happen, but cannot be for sure does not come to an end.

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