Knowledge & Politics Reflection

I never considered myself a political person, and especially not interested or involved in political news or discussions. Although not directly engaging in politics in ways such as having strong opinions on certain political subjects, I’ve realized everything is either influenced by or can be seen as political. The meaning certainly there could be a political bent to the subject discussed, for example, someone may argue COVID-19 is managed inappropriately in some nations, by saying this they are targeting the current efforts by the government to conceal data, earning illegal profits, and improperly managing a global pandemic. When changing the wording of “Covid-19 is pretty terrible” to “Covid-19 in America is terrible” is how people make common-sense issues into political issues. We can also see this in many common issues such as education, medical care, social security, etc.

Looking at my three political quiz results, I am leaning slightly to the left (liberal), towards libertarian on the Political Compass, and totalitarian on the Nolan Chart. However, both of the results show a minimal amount of bias towards these political ideologies, I am actually very moderate in terms of political bias. Looking at the previous political examples I gave, I realized political lens that people look through heavily influences the way in which they view political issues. The results of the quizzes were quite interesting to me and motivate me to understand more about how politics work, especially how different political ideologies change the way people look at the world

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