TOK semester 1 reflection

During semester 1 of TOK, the most interesting activity was viewing and discussing the documentary The Social Dilemma. The documentary really interested me and opened up my view on current-day technology and especially in areas which we were unaware of. Over the course of TOK, I feel that my perspective on how technology has influenced our daily lives has changed slightly, instead of only recognizing that technology has had a slight impact on society, I now think more of how technology governs the behaviors of people through so many different ways. One idea that heavily stood out to me was the Pizza Gate incident, it really shows how people can be heavily manipulated by social media in ways that have genuine dangerous results. Over the course of TOK and looking at different sources, I feel very ready to continue onto the second semester to look further into the knowledge questions for the TOK exhibition, and to do so, I also want to make sure I maintain a high level of writing which especially means sticking to the topic and trying to be as concise as possible.

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