Graphic Design: Develop & Plan

When working on the second figure, I figured it would be best to make a banner of characters, the first figure roughly shows what the final project would look like. Creating characters is a very time consuming, it requires a lot of attention to detail and time to trace each area one by one, after completing the first figure, I would like to add more details to the character and the background which are not part of the reference photo to create a certain aesthetic (undecided) in the illustration. The characters may also be changed because I may put more context into the design brief.

After working on the first design, I realized my design did not match my design brief because the player on the right (Roger Federer) did not attend the tournament.

↑↑↑ a good example of layering ↑↑↑

I was trying to find two characters that would balance each other through perspective and one would overlap the other to create depth, my initial design had both players looking one direction which caused a sort of imbalance. Searching for more images, I found an image of Stephanos Tsitsipas which created a good balance between the characters.

Design Studio Project: Graphic Design – Define & Inquire

↑↑↑ Inquiry ↑↑↑

China Open, a professional tennis tournament would like a flat portrait of a tennis player for their advertisement. The portrait may be used for a poster, brochure, website, wall, etc.

Primary – A more artistic advertisement usually is directed more towards a younger audience + Tennis fans

Secondary – Attract people aesthetically to engage in tennis

Improve a form of advertisement aesthetically through imagery

Present proper information on the tournament
Include notable players competing for the tournament
The illustrations are very detail based and time-consuming
User Persona:
Before beginning the design, I’ve visited several sites to find similar styles of design to what I am doing, all three artworks demonstrate a realistic element blended with implements from the artist. The first artwork gave me a very good example of hair, as the level of detail is not too minimal or extreme and gives a very good representation of the hairstyle of the character. The second artwork is a good example of the detail in the artwork, the character shows good depth through the way the clothing is shaded. The last piece of artwork also gives a good example of shading on the character, but it gives a better example as it also shows the hair and face of the character.



Q: What is this and why you do it?

  • This is the first project for our graphic design course, we were tasked with creating a user persona showcasing ourselves through graphic design, doing this allows my classmates to know me a little more and also have more practice on illustrator.

Q: What was the most valuable piece of feedback and why?

  • The most valuable pieces of feedback were on how my guy doesn’t look like me which I’ve tried so many different ways to fix but unfortunately, none ended as well as I would hope.