Parent Interview About Technology

While speaking with my parents on technology during their time when studying compared to the technology in the current day, they explained how drastically technological advancements have changed almost everything in society. My parents focused mainly on how technology has impacted daily lives and education. When they were studying, the primary source of information they have access to were books and papers, there was almost no other technology that they can use. In their daily lives, they did not have the internet for communication, the closest people to them were always their neighbors and family members. They say nowadays they hardly know any of their neighbors but rather have a close group of friends communicating through social media. They also state nobody expected the level of technology 30 years when they were children to reach the level it is at today, the idea of being able to do almost everything daily through a phone did not exist when they were young. The introduction of such technologies has made the daily lives of people much more efficient and allows people to now have access to information in an instant. Lastly, my parents commented on the negatives of our heavily technology controlled society, as they state although technology does make daily tasks much more convenient, it also forces society to move at a much faster paste, people have to constantly catch up with everything around them nowadays in order to keep up with technology developments, causing unnecessary stress towards everybody working to make a living.