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Biggest Takeaways from “The Social Dilemma”

I watched a 90-minute documentary on the darker side of our continual dependence on social media, The Social Dilemma. Jeff Orlowski’s documentary primarily focuses solely on the dangerous human impacts of social media, in which how addicted many have become… Continue Reading →

My Parents’ experiences of obtaining knowledge

This blog post is pertaining to my parents’ method of learning and acquiring knowledge. And will primarily focus on their experiences in school was like, and its differences from mine. All the contents in this post are extracted from the… Continue Reading →

Is Ignorance Bliss?

In class, we debated whether ignorance is bliss; my stance supported that ignorance is not bliss. My purpose was to convince the adjudicators through practical reasoning and strong claims. However, with everyone keeping such a concept but not refuting the… Continue Reading →

Are some ways of knowing more likely than others to lead to truth?

As “truth” is considered a relatively subjective concept, “truth” among an individual is interpreted differently with “truth” being a universal fact. In the following paragraphs, imperative approaches pertaining to such subjective perception will be employed and evaluated through the standards… Continue Reading →

What do you know for sure? (Theory of Knowledge)

To begin with, I would like to introduce myself to everyone who’s currently viewing this blog. My name is Binda Naw, 15 years old. And this blog serves as an investigation of the question above and examines my critical thinking…. Continue Reading →

Artifact Wall 3.0

Johari Window

I found the Johari window intriguing the first time I saw it, it’s some time that you can reflect on yourself and observe other’s opinion on you. On some perspective, it answers the question” How do you gather multiple points… Continue Reading →


This picture I don’t want to title it because it’s massive inclusivity. If you look at different aspects of this picture you can get a completely distinct feeling and other emotion, the image itself can cover too many perspectives, and… Continue Reading →

Prep for Hutong Day

From this photo, I can tell that people at that time are under severe stress, people are struggling to make a living.  The reason for all of these is the color of the image, it is black, black color can… Continue Reading →

Hutong Photo Day Plan of Action

1: What photographer inspires you the most?                                                                   … Continue Reading →

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