Maggot Moon – Silenced Men

“I asked too many questions, and that’s when they silenced me.” (Gardner 197).

This is the quote that built up the main thematic statement of the book Maggot Moon by Sally Gardner, whoever seeks for the truth will silenced. I drew this drawing to display what characters in Maggot Moon has been through and other possibilities that they will be punished so they will keep the secret. In the dystopian society, there are many examples of dark secrets hidden by the government and slowly getting ready by controlling as many people as they possibly can. In Maggot Moon, that’s exactly what happened, and just like other dystopian novels, people discovered the secret of the moon landing. First, it was Mr. Lush, then it was the moon man, after that, Hector, and at last, Standish found out.

The characters who slowly discovered the truth suffered torture from the government that was explained by the Moon Man. “Mrs. Lush was shot the moment they arrived, in front of Mr. Lush and their son. We all witnessed it.” (198). Standish asked why, but all the moon man could respond was “Punishment for not cooperating.” (199). The moon man himself was punished too, for trying to tell the secret. “Then he opened his mouth to show us he had no tongue to speak with. I guess that’s what they had done to my mum.” (163). The person in the drawing had his tongue cut off with only a tiny bit left behind, one of his eyes are bandaged. “They chopped off his little finger after they killed Mrs. Lush, and told Mr. Lush if he refused to do all that was asked of him another finger would go, and another.” (199). I exaggerated this point and the person in the drawing had no arms, like Hector with no pinkie. The government would do anything to make people obey and keep the secret, they would kill them to threaten others to work for them. The balance was finally destructed when Standish sneaked into the other side of the walls, and teared the secret they tried to protect for so long in half.

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