Science Engineering Project Blogpost #3: Create and Improve

The pictures above show what I have done in the first class we started to create our design. In the first class, I started late adding more information into my plan and did a lot of thinking through before I started to build stuff. To make sure my plan is doable, I didn’t start with cutting out all the parts with cardboard first, but I started to try and see if my battery can connect with the motor and the switch. I started out slow but it was a good start since I made sure that my project can be done the way I imagined it.

In the second class, I started creating pieces of the design and ordered pieces of toys that would hang from the top of the carousel. Some accidents happened and I found out after I ordered the toys that they were the wrong materials, so I ordered it again with recommendations from my peers. I also drilled the stick that connects the top with the motor. I felt like I made many accomplishments that work period, because I created half of the carousel already, so the next class I had a clear goal of finishing the bottom part of the carousel.


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