Cartoon Anaylsis



In the cartoon “A snowman Confronts A Mother,” Liza Donnelly employs rhetorical question, symbolism, and association to demean society about subconscious gender bias. This cartoon was published on February 16th, 2015. In FineArtAmerica, Liza Donnelly mentions that this cartoon was about a snowman confronted by a mother, as “she puts a top hat on it”.

Donnelly’s usage of rhetorical question reflects her criticism of the patriarchal society. The underlined noun, “man” in the rhetorical question, highlights Donnelly’s message to her audience: the unconscious discrimination towards male and female. This is because, in the cartoon, the snowman asks why society assumes that it is a snowman, not a snowwoman. The fact that our world makes this inference about gender demonstrates the unintentional gender assumptions that individuals make. Moreover, society’s assumption that the ice figure was a male (not a female) also reflects the male-dominated world, where we habitually value men more than women. Therefore, the name “snowman” has included “man,” not “woman.” On the other hand, Donnelly’s utilization of the rhetorical question forces the audience to think about why society has been calling snowman, not snowwomen. Since readers have also generally used the word “snowman,” the cartoonist uses pathos to make the audience feel guilty because readers feel as if they have also been part of this gender bias.

The symbolism and metaphor of the snowman reflect how society simply tolerates the issue of gender inequality without taking action to change. A snowman is an inhuman observer that is not able to make individual choices. The act of how snowman just accepts the hat and scarf (without a choice) shows how society accepts gender injustice without much thought. Since individuals are not taking measures to stop by improving or solving the issue of gender inequality, this issue prevails. Moreover, the setting of this panel is set in the snow. This coldness and the black and white color represent the numbness of society to gender bias. On the other hand, when there is a change in weather, snowman melt. However, in the negative space of this panel, there is a continuous fall of snow that reflects how Donnelly thinks the snow will not melt soon, indicating that the snowman and gender inequality will continue to be present. Donnelly’s utilization of symbolism of snowman makes it easier for the audience to understand the cartoonist’s meaning as a snowman is a figure that is fully understood.


Moreover, snowman have an association to innocence and childhood because it is usually childhood who build snowman- the indifferent human figure- that accepts gender bias. Hence, Donnelly utilizes this association to address how starting from a young age, individuals are exposed to this unconscious gender inequality. Consequently, when young people get influenced by this inequality, it worsens the situation because it creates a certain life that continues to worsen gender discrimination. Through the association with snowman, it provides readers a deeper meaning of the cartoon.


Through the use of rhetorical question, symbolism, and the association of snowman, Donnelly addresses the problem of gender bias. Despite doing an effective way of criticizing society about unconscious gender injustice, Donnelly’s chosen text type (cartoon)  over-simplifies the complexity of this issue. This may mislead readers since the issue of gender bias is not easily solved or addressed. To resolve this problem, Donnelly could have used more logos and ethos throughout her work. This can add credibility to the cartoon, allowing the audience to believe the cartoonist’s text and realize the severity and complexity of gender bias.


Work Cited:

Donnelly, Liza. “A Snowman Confronts a Mother.” Fine Art America, 2016, Accessed 30 Mar. 2021.



Reflection on Literature and Social Justice- Oct 27th

In English Literature and Social Justice, we first discussed which social justice issues are important in our lives. Our first unit is on race, so we began going deeper into the book called Born a Crime by Trevor Noah. The memoir is about how insightful and sad a young South African child was born during apartheid and the hardship he faces as a black mother and white father.  The memoir taught me how the importance of education you have in ISB and the resources you have in your life.  We also watched “Searching for Sugar Man” and that was about an early 70s musician known as Rodriguez became a huge hit in South Africa and rumored that he had died. Two fans knew he was alive and fate was true. “Searching for Sugarman” has shown me that the fate of missing people can come into our lives.  The protest music called “Redemption Song” shows the expression of freedom (after he was diagnosed with cancer).


My formative performance in the Socratic Seminar shows how I prepared a lot of questions but I was scared to contribute because I thought my opinion was wrong.  I learned the fact that the Socratic seminar is comfortable when your opinions are reliable.  However, in my summative Socratic Seminar I improved because my participants were on point. I tried to make my effort to respond to some of my peers’ questions. Next time, I look forward to making myself clear with a great point. In my Student, as Learner strands, I believe in responsibility I am Satisfactory same with Collaboration. However,  for attitude, I believe it is exemplary.  Because I am always positive and like to help people when needed.


My goal in this course is that I should be confident in myself and ask questions if it is necessary. I also wish that I can improve on writing effectively and making sure that it makes sense.





Blog Reflection on Wearable Product




Design Problem: In the pictures above,  as you can see my specific problem is isolation and comfort. This builds a scene of a problem that during COVID-19, my target audience was children. This season helped me decide that I should make a wearable product by comfort, and children at home don’t have any supplies. According to the Washington Post, “But after a few times out on local trails with her husband and children, including the Washington and Old Dominion Trail near her home, she gave up on that notion. “We would go out and see that everyone had the same idea as us,” Viscomi says, “so it was more crowded than ever.” Staying six feet apart from strangers would be challenging, if not impossible.” This only helped me build an idea of a wearable product of bangle and shows that children are thinking the distance is too far, which means that children don’t have enough supplies to be close with them.  From this, I was looking for some ideas that will help children feel closer, so after a lot of research, I have finally decided that I would do. From the Behance Bangle, I have thought of using recycled materials at home to make a comfort reusable bangle.


Your design process:  In the pdf above, to summarize this, it also states the steps that took me on the final stage because on the first stage I began with making a blanket t-shirt because the weather is too cold and during coronavirus, you have to keep yourself. However, when the time came along summer came. So, I thought of making a bangle for children because it will help them realized that no matter what distance they come along but they will always have each other comfort.  From my perspective in this product design when I was designing my wearable product, I explored various materials I found in my house. I learned about it must be a bendy form, soft, 95% plastic used, 3% sticker, 2% colors to create a theme of comfort. For my prototype, I also used plastic water, sticker, and highlighters to make a bangle. I’ve learned to make a bangle by watching youtube videos, I was gonna make a lot of this, but the time was lacking. So, I decided to stick with small kinds. From this, I learned how to manage my time management. This bangle not only shows happiness but works on an increase in blood circulation. This blood circulation can create children to recharge child energy every day and makes it comfortable. The colors for the bangle I have finally made was white, green, pink. I chose the color white because it shows safety and purity, and I know for a fact right now in coronavirus every child right now is quite safe in their own homes. I chose green because it shows the freshness and energy of children’s behavior. However, I chose pink because to show inner peace. In conclusion, I believe all three colors represent how children are all together and symbolize the luck they have. As you can in my final sketch, you might be wondering why is there a koala. From koala, I could say that it represents the children’s favorite animal of all time. I have experienced many of these materials by cutting them and combining many different kinds. From this, I could say Mr. Griffin gave me good feedbacks from the material improvement, and every design I have made so far was good. Even my peers helped me support what I have should make after all, but this only creates what children have loved. Finally, my design success criteria were I can describe the methods of using different kinds of materials and showing the happiness of the children.

Your final product: My final product is called Reusable-Luck Bangle. In the PDF below, it shows how I came to my final idea of my product. My wearable design product addresses that the bangle should be making children happy because I always wanted to be focused on children’s happiness to find friends by symbolizing their bangles. In conclusion, for skills, I want to create




Your reflection: The project went well by using different kinds of materials and creating what is reusable of a wearable product. I liked how I used my own deeper and ponder the meaning of what children want from people and their friends. From friends, I can tell that social distancing is quite difficult because at a young age having fun is an important thing. I learned that in Bangle you must need to use multiple colors to represent something that people outside will understand too. Next time, I would make a unique wearable, for instance grabbing more materials, or either make something that makes teenagers happy too. Or I could make some comfortable for patients from the hospitals. Because in the hospital, we can always help from the nurses and doctors too by wearing something that represents their childhood either wearing something that can be showing that nurses and doctors will always support you till the end. I need to improve on drawing sketches pretty well-detailed and knowing how to use Illustrator properly with the product prototype I have designed.

Typography Booklet

In this Unit 3 Typography, there were three main parts: research, design, and visualization. My typography was ‘Mrs. Eaves’, which was designed by Zuzana Licko. During our class times, I went in-depth into ‘Mrs. Eaves’ and got to experience several features.

What is typography and why is it important for all designers to understand?

Typography is a way to use a text in a visual way to convey a message.  This is important for designers to also grab people’s attention and harmony to establish the value and tone of the typography.

What is the most useful or interesting thing you learned about typography during this unit?

    1. The most useful thing about typography is that I can grab my audience to look at my design, along with showing beauty to my design as well, which can be an appeal for the audience. The most interesting thing about typography is that small changes and changes in a text can bring a huge influence to viewers. For example, my ‘Mrs. Eaves’ typeface contained a few unique details.
    2. What do you think you need to learn more about? 
    3. I think that I need to learn more about two things. First, I need to learn how Liko made the ‘Mrs. Eaves’ typeface appealing. This can be a small detail, but it will help make the viewers impact. Next, I need to learn when ‘Mrs. Eaves’ typeface can be used effectively by using informal works like poems.

Brief Overview

During the research stage, I gathered a variety of information regarding the ‘Mrs. Eaves’ typeface. In this stage, I spent a lot of time getting to know what ‘Mrs. Eaves’ was. I researched the origin, classification, features, purpose, location, notable examples, and other interesting information of the typeface. Below is a word document I had made.

Mrs. Eaves Typography

Additionally, after the research stage, I made a layout of the ‘Mrs.Eaves’ typeface. I included the research paragraphs, along with a designed format that I found is below.

final typography layout

During the design stage, I brainstormed numerous ideas and styles that I can use to represent ‘Mrs. Eaves’. As the activity Mr. Griffin gave us. I also was assigned to think of different keywords that symbolize ‘Mr.Eaves’. Three words were: organic, elegant, and warm.  I  drew sketches that can connect ‘Mrs. Eaves’ to those keywords. Along the process, I had a hard time visualizing the words as a form of sketches.  It was hard for me, so I needed to practice making the keywords of this typography graphic. Below are some rough sketches that I drew before moving onto my final graphics.


During the visualization stage, I graphically designed my final ‘Mrs.Eaves’ typeface into visualization drawing. I tried to focus on the keywords and thought of how they can be shown.  Below is my final graphic.

Therefore, in this unit of typography, I learned very deeply about the ‘Mrs. Eaves’ typeface and got to know how different styles of typography can impact the viewers’ perspective as well. Next time, I want to try different typography and see how that typography is effectively used.


Unit 2: Drawing Folio-Desgin Studio

  • How could observational drawing be a useful technique in the define & enquire phase of the design process?
  • Observational drawings could be useful in the enquire and design section because this brings the designer a point of view of different people, but this is only mainly what you see around.
  • Briefly describe what you did for the observational drawing part of the unit
  • Include images of all of your observational drawings

I drew a duck, sunshine, and LOVE.(as you can see above) These represent of myself because I love being around the sun and I see it around me at the window. The duck shows my face smile because the way they look at people is how I look at people. The “LOVE” shows how I saw a picture around me and my family member was in the picture with the “LOVE” structure behind.

  • What is visualization drawing and what are the biggest challenges?

Visualization drawing is a technique that creates images, logos, diagrams to convey a communication of a message. This is effective in a way because it shows abstract and tangible ideas of the human mind. The biggest challenging part was that you had to use your knowledge of the logos I made, and that was kind of hard for me because I usually don’t have a creative mind on my mind at the first impression. This is one of my favorite logos and I drew from the past few weeks of practicing. (below).

new logos



Caesar Cipher

Caesar Cipher is one of the basic and widely known encryption techniques. It is a type of substitution cipher in each letter in the text is replaced by a letter fixed number of positions down the alphabet. I made an encryption method for the simple letters. Each letter or text is a position is using with an alphabet. When I was programming, I realized that after Z is shifting and goes back to A.

Computer Science Blog #4 (Final)

The challenges I faced was the video uploading in the blog and making the dandelion and origami fixed together.

Blog post #3 (Inspiration)


The picture above is my inspiration for the background I have found which is interesting. My plan is to combine the dandelion and the origami together to make my art. First, I thought of making the blue background into a fancy background which is an origami but with the same colors, then I thought of changing the dandelion color white to yellow.


Computer Science Blog #2 (Adjustments)


The audjustment I made for the “origami” was making the screen torquise and making less beautiful sides. On the same token, I wanted to make more artstic background, so I came up with an idea of making a dandelion (one of my favorite flower).