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Create and Improve


I have the gears glued on and fitting but because the gears are skewed I can’t put much force into cranking it. I tested it on the thing that measures voltage and I only got 0.6 v maximum. I need 5v in order to charge my phone so I don’t think that it will work. I tried to make a new version but the gears would not stay put so I had to scrap that as well. 

Develop and Plan

I am going to use a motor with gears powered by a fidget spinner or crank that you hand power. Everything would be glued onto a piece of wood which you would carry around. The wires would be attached to the motor, 5v regulator and female USB port.

Engineering Define and Inquire

I am planning on making a portable mechanically charged charger for my phone. It will not necessarily use a hand crank but It will have some form of device to transfer mechanical or kinetic energy into electrical energy. It will have a USB port in order to fit with all phones but the wire connecting it would be separate. This would be convenient always and would always work but it would take a while of cranking it before you get significant charge. So it would only be useful when you have a lot of free time and don’t have any other options to charge with.

Impressive Improvement

Goal: changing notes faster and going up and down scales faster

Music: Minimalist Dances  117-124

Method: Practicing scales for 1-2 hours per week

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