So Much to Tell You is a emotionally and intellectually book.“She could never talk again. Not after what happened.” (Marsden, cover). The Theme of this book is: Always have hope in everything. After Marina’s dad poured acid on her face, her life changed. She refused to talk and cut off her connections with the outer world. She became self-abased, depressed and nearly contracted autism. Every tiny bit of light was taken away from her. She was sent to a boarding school to live a normal life, but she was destined to have a different childhood from others. Marina started to write journals, and recorded every detail of her life. Her words were hopeless and filled with grief.“If you added up all the really significant episodes in your life they’d probably come to less than sixty minutes.” (Marsden, 94)She wanted to live a normal life, but she never had the courage to let out a word. Slowly as she wrote her journals, she reflected her mistakes, she encouraged her-self to talk more. On the other hand her friends gave her full support and helped her to walk out of her own secluded space. At last, Marina embraced her scared face and revealed her emotions.

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