What Makes a Good Blog

Big, clear, engaging titles Numbers for subtitles, which make the blog easy to follow Engaging and creative photos to keep readers attention High quality neat clear engaging amazing enticing creative unique original related to theme-is whatever type of Pictures Short concise descriptions (Interesting writing) Organized (table of contents)  

Reflection on Political Quizzes

Politics is the way in which people living in groups make decisions. Our world is divided by physical and perceptional boundaries of nationalities, and each nation is governed politically. Every country has a very different political system that is developed from its various historical pasts. In some countries, the established political system continues to face […]

Social Dilemma: reflective blogpost

“If you’re not paying for the product, you are the product.” At the beginning of the documentary “Social Dilemma,” this quote prompted me to genuinely consider the effects of technology being profoundly involved in our lives. Our attention is ultimately the product of all businesses related to technology and the internet, and the manipulative business […]

Implications for the Development of Knowledge

The technologies available 20 years ago and the sophisticated technology available nowadays differ prominently in accessibility, quantity, and quality. To further explore the differences, I interviewed my parents regarding the tools and technologies they had access to when they were going to school. The technologies and tools they had access to were limited. My parents […]

TOK Summative blogpost #1

Every day, we utilize a set of eight lenses to perceive and obtain the truth. These are called the eight ways of knowing – sense perception, reason, emotion, language, imagination, memory, faith, and intuition. Truth is defined as “in accord with fact or reality, or faithfulness to a standard,” as stated by the TOK Course […]

The Sound Designer – American Theatre Wing

What are the main jobs of a sound designer on a play (hint: there are 3-4 things)? Putting together the sounds Gathering sound content such as music, and such effects Reinforcement of conveying the sound to the audience Allowing the audience to connect with the play and be immersed in it. What does it mean […]

Stage design – Nyctophobia

Nyctophobia Stage Design Close-up shot Wide shot   As I explained for the mood board on Nyctophobia, I think the fear of darkness can easily be triggered when imaginations step in to create frightening scenarios that can happen in the dark. Like the general color of the mood board, I covered all sides of the […]

Design Challenge – Fear

The mood board I created is about the fear of darkness, nyctophobia. I think the fear of darkness can easily be triggered when we are imagining frightening scenes that can happen while being able to see anything, so I found pictures where someone is being chased by creatures in the dark. Additionally, I also inserted […]