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Street Photography Portfolio

China Hard at Work

Photo #1:

This is one of my final photos because of the topic and story it tells. I chose this photo because the subject is dressed like the present while sleeping on something from the present as well. the background also gave me a sense of the past where there weren’t a lot of colors and they usually use grey bricks to build buildings. Also, this photo incorporates different elements we learned over the course of the class. There is texture in the rust of wheels of the motorcycle and you can also find the texture on the guy’s clothes. There are lines in the background created by the bricks and the lines, also the lines lead your eyes towards the subject. I was trying to get a shot of a person standing or walking in front of a wall and I wanted to get a side view of them. I thought that this would be a good opportunity to get that type of photo because this guys head is covered he wouldn’t notice me taking the photo. If I got to take this photo again I would try to take this photo in a different angle but keep the same effect. This photo shows how hard working people are and that every day they should have a break from work and take a nap.


Traditional Dance

Photo #2:

This is one of my final photos because the women dancing is lined up following this one leader. The story behind this photo is that every day these women come down and dance together, they were friends for a long time and always hang out with each other. I chose this photo because you can see the people from the present are still worshiping and doing dances they do from the past. The color red also plays a big role in this photo because the color red is a color the Chinese people wear to celebrate traditions and holidays. The women also create a type of line that leads your eye towards the leader. I also tried to frame the photo better so that the leader of the line is in focus, but you can also see the women lined up behind her. The fans also represent the past since they look like fans old performers use to entertain the audience. The leader is mostly on the right. I also thought of the rule of three in this photo. The women are doing the same move in a straight line and also where I stood was a good spot because you can see most of the people behind the leader. If I can take this photo again I would use a different lens to create more of a bokeh effect.



Photo #3:

This made it to my final photos because the girl play with the toy is framed in the middle of the picture. This shows the story of China past present and future because the child that is playing with a toy outside instead of using technology (past). In the background, you can see trash falling out of the trash can and that can represent how our earth is not being treated well (present/future).  The color red also plays a big role in this photo because of the color contrast from the foreground and the background. The kid wears a red jacket symbolizing the respect she has to her culture. This shot is moderately strong because the emotion and facial expression on the kid’s face wouldn’t be the same if the kid noticed that there was a camera taking pictures of her. If I got to take this photo again I would look around to see if there is anything I can add to the background to create more contrast and more of a story.


Waiting for Hope

Photo #4:

This made the final photos because it’s rare for us to see people dressed like this. The door and the man is a really big example of China in the past because of the man’s clothes is a look from the past and the door is red and contrasts with the man’s clothing. The scene also seems like old China because of the grey and brick wall. The man also looks like he is sleeping, signifying how people in the present sleep outsides. There are always people around China trying to preserve the beauty of the past and I think this man was doing that. This photo was taken right before we left the hutongs, I was not planning on taking any more photos until I saw this man dressed like the past. When I took this photo the man there were a lot of people behind me so I was rushed when taking this photo, so I would try to take different angles of this man and I would look around to see if I could frame anything into the photo as well.



Photo #5:

This is one of the final photos because the man is playing an old instrument that people don’t normally use in the modern day and playing it for the public to here. The mirror is attached to a bike so that the mirror represents the present as he is reflected off of it. The flute is also made of wood and a type of mineral and you normally see metal flutes in the modern day so that flute represents the past. Also, the river and the fence represents the past because of the color white. In the modern day, you can see fences are usually made of metal or wood, but this fence is made out of rocks and having that fence gives you a feeling of the past meeting the present. The river also has a boat floating on top of it, that boat stands out in the photo and represents the past as well. the boat’s color is red and contrast from the green and blue from the color of the river and the man’s jacket. The man’s clothing also can represent the present and the past. The hat he is wearing is not a normal hat everyday people wear in the 21 century, more of an old hat that people wore in the 19 century. The jacket/suit he is wearing is a material that is usually used in the present and not really commonly found in the past. The suit also can be something people wear in the future if China doesn’t change. This man also is preserving the beauty of China’s past and hope that the tradition would never fade. This was one shot I was hoping to get while on this trip. I wanted to achieve a photo where someone or something is reflected in water or a mirror. I found this man sitting on his scooter and thought that it would be great if I could reflect his face on the scooters mirror. I took a few shots and chose the best one of the bunch. One thing that I would change if I got to take this photo again is to take a photo of the reflection but try to incorporate more of a background. This is one of my strongest photo I took during the trip.

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Hutong Photo Day Plan of Action

  • What photographer inspires you the most?

There is this photographer called Yanidel that inspired me the most. Yanidel is a street photographer based in Paris and has a few photos in the Paris CDG and the Orly Airport. he has also taken an 80 week trip around the world taking photos of different places.

  • What is it about their photos that you like?

I like how some of the photos that he took tells a story about a love between two people. I also like the different colors in the photos and also gives the photo a deeper meaning. The photo also can play a big role in the task we are assigned, taking a photo of past present and future.

  • Post some examples and plan out how you will adopt this style

  • What do you hope to accomplish for tomorrow?

I want to try to capture photos of China’s Past present and future and I want to have color and facial expression play a big role in the photos. The expression of the people I am going to take pictures of will show how they are liking china at that moment.

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3 Street Photographers

Phtot Taken by Matt Stuart

  • In this picture Matt Stuart was trying to achieve a picture where the bird and the human is doing the same thing, walking.
  • This picture is in color. This picture shows that this was taken in the modern day where people still wear suits to work. If this was a black and white photo then the photo would be seen as taken in 1900.
  • The subjects in this picture are moving. the bird is closer to the photographer and the human is farther away. This makes the bird look like it is going off to work like the human behind it. The line in the middle of the frame also leads the eye towards the human.
  • Matt Stuart is most likely crouching in this photo. to get this shot of the people walking down the sidewalk he has to crouch down and angle his camera at the level of the floor.
  • This picture was probably taken then cropped so that the image wouldn’t have the unnecessary space.
  • The title I would give this image is ” off to work” because both the pigeon and the human looks like they are “off to work”.
  • how long did you wait to take this photo? did you think of taking this photo on the spot?


Photo Taken by Eric Kim

  • This is a picture taken by Eric Kim. This is a picture of this women called Cindy about to leave the house.
  • This Picture is in black and white so that the subject would stand out and the unnecessary colors are not distracting the viewer.
  • The subject in the picture is about to leave the building and turned around to see what Eric Kim was doing. this picture is really well composed because the railing on the wall and the stairs create lines that lead to Cindy (the subject).
  • Eric Kim is standing at the top of the stairs taking this photo. He is probably using a 72mm lens to take this photo because the photo isn’t too wide or narrow. to achieve this photo Eric had to take this photo quick because the expression on Cindy’s face wouldn’t have been the same one second later.
  • The light from the street also illuminates the picture giving the picture some life and makes her look like she is heading towards brightness and happiness instead of this dark gloomy building.
  • Since the light from the street illuminates the dark staircase I would call this picture “Off to Chase the Dreams”
  • How do you snap the photo quick enough so that her expression is natural?


Photo Taken by Nick Turpin

  • This is a picture taken by Nick Turpin. Nick Turpin loves to take photos of pedestrians sitting on a bus having thoughts run through their minds. This allows Nick to take a photo of the person in his/her thinking stage.
  • This Picture is in color allowing the yellow and blue to pop in the background. this also gives life to the picture and the subject in it.
  • In this photo, you can see the subject facing out of the bus wondering about something. without being noticed Nick Turpin took a picture of this person.
  • This photo also has lines and a bit of texture. The lines are located on the yellow handles of the bus and the texture is the mist on the window creating this foggy appearance.
  • Nick is probably standing in the dark on the sidewalk so that he can blend in and sneakily take this photo of this man.
  • The light from the inside of the bus illuminates the background and the man’s face allowing you to see his facial expression
  • Since the man is staring outside wondering about life I would call this photo, “Wonder”
  • Have you ever been seen taking a photo of someone on the bus?
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The Park Across the Street (Photography)

I chose this photo because the child is framed in the middle of the photo, using the rule of thirds, and stands out from the background and foreground. the child is wearing a red jacket and is playing with a toy which both contrast from the foreground. What this photo is trying to tell us that children love to play around with toys, and should be playing outside instead of the indoors in front of a screen. In the background of this photo shows the elders talking at a table having a good time, while their children are there to play with their friends. The photo is a candid picture because if you know someone is taking a picture of you, you wouldn’t have the same emotion and facial expression when you don’t know.

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The Dragon’s Eye

Photo Name: Bei Hai Bliss
Photographer: Elicia Bullock

Where did I see this photo?

I saw this outside of the cafeteria displayed in the Dragon’s Eye exhibition.

How does this connect to me?

I like how this photo is of a landscape of Bei Hai (a place in China). I relate to this photo because I like to take sunset photos of landscapes.

Technical skill?

The photo looks like it is taken with a low ISO where the light from the sky and the river illuminates the photo. they also use texture and lines in the photo. The lines are created by the railing and the texture are created by the trees and clouds.

Artistic skill?

I like how the water is nice and calm creating this really cool reflection. The sunset also makes the clouds change into an orange color. I also really like the different colors in the pictures. The red on the building contrast from the blue, green, yellow of the sky and the trees.

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Richard Bram Street Photography

The photographer I am studying is Richard Bram. Richard Bram is an American street photographer based in London. Bram takes candid photos of people wandering around the streets of London.

Looking through his photos, Bram likes to take photos of a couple from a distance or photo of a person from the back walking away or waiting for something. Most of his pictures are in black and white. The two photos I found that he took looks like he likes to take photos at the right moment and time.

Photo #1:

This is a picture is of a couple standing at a corner on a building eating and talk to each other. I like how on each side of the building there are both genders and how the photographer centers the subjects so that they are the main attractions.

Photo #2:

This is a picture of three people walking up and down a sidewalk. the cool thing about this photo is how the street light’s shadow covers a lot of the building making us focus on the people. Brams uses contrast in this photo to make the people walking stand out and is the main focus.

I want to try to achieve something similar to Bram’s work, I want to try to take a photo of someone wearing something that contrasts to the background.

His website:

  • Be
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Street Photography Day #1

On this day in class, we went out into the field and took street photos at the park across from school (April 12th). We spent around 45 minutes wandering around taking candid photos of the daily life of the citizens1 across the street.

What is this photo about?

This photo is a woman dancing to a song with a grin on her face. she seems like she is having a good time hanging out with her friends.

Why did I choose this photo? 

the photo is clear and focused mostly on the women dancing. There is very little distraction in this photo.

How did you take this photo?

There were women walking around doing a synchronized dance so I waited on the side for them to pass my frame, then I snapped the shot. what I could have done is to get the women behind out of frame so the main focus is the woman in front.

Photo highlight?

casual and happy

What did you learn from this photo?

I learned that taking a candid photo from the side and a far is easier than taking it right in front of them.

What is this photo about?

This photo is a woman dancing to a song synchronized with her friends. she is using fans as props in the dance

Why did I choose this photo? 

I chose this because the women are in a straight line allowing me to focus on the leader and blur out the back. you are still able to see the people in the back but mainly focused on the women leading.

How did you take this photo?

I took this photo in front of the women dancing, I waited till they lined up and took this photo. I took this photo from an angle so that you are able to see the people in the back.

Photo highlight?

casual and relaxed

What did you learn from this photo?

there are different angles you can take a photo, with this photo I took it from the front/side to that the women in the back are also in the frame.

What is this photo about?

This is a photo of a woman holding a baby in her arm. The baby is staring at something and is concerned about its surrounding.

Why did I choose this photo? 

I chose this photo because the baby’s clothing stands out and attracts the eye.

How did you take this photo?

I stood from afar and used my zoom to take this photo. I made sure the baby’s face was visible to take this photo.

Photo highlight?

casual and concerned

What did you learn from this photo?

using zoom to take candid photos is really useful.

What is this photo about?

This is a photo of a girl playing a Chinese outdoor game

Why did I choose this photo? 

the girl is framed in the middle of the photo and is wearing clothing that stands out.

How did you take this photo?

I stood from afar and used my zoom to take this photo. I made sure the girl’s face was visible to take this photo.

Photo highlight?

casual and happy

What did you learn from this photo?

having the subject focused on something else is an easy way to take a candid photo.

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Bike Generator Blog Post #4

This is my final product:

When you peddle on this bike, the wheel on the bike starts to move which starts the wheel that is connected to the motor. Since the motor is spinning, creating an electrical current, which is enough electricity to power three LED lights. The light that is attached to the motor starts to light up. when peddling fast enough the light is bright and able to see from a far distance.

The project went well most of the time. the only time the project went bad is when the wire would not Sauter on to the motor and when the motor would not attach to my bike and the zip tie would break and fall off. That is what happened at the end of the last day of building. My project broke off because the zip tie was not strong enough.

if I do this project again I would attach the motor on to my bike more secure and I would make sure the wires won’t fall off or break.

this light is environmentally friendly because the light does not run on batteries and also can improve your safety. This is because you will have a light on every time you bike and people or cars can see you when your biking.

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Bike Generator Blog Post #3

This was my first day doing my project. when I was creating this wheel motor contraption I found out that the wheel did not fit on to the motor. So, I had to hot glue the wheel to the motor.

This was my final product which was a back bike light. I created this circle diffuser to make the light look cleaner and to make it more clear for the people behind me to see.


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Bike Generator Blog Post #2

Day 1 of building: Create the device and create a detachable holder for the device.
test it with a LED light by cranking it with hand
Create a #3 blog post

Day 2 of building: Attach the device to bike and test by spinning the wheel
Plan A: if the LED light does not light up then figure out the problem and fix it.
Plan B: if the LED light works then test if the car charger will work

Day 3 of building: finalize the device
create #4 blog post