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Gorge (Terrarium)

I created a small little terrarium named ‘Gorge’, there is no reason behind this name. for this project, I use a prototype body of our rover in the project Space Race and created a small terrarium out of it. The materials¬†I used were rocks, sand, small succulents, dirt, hot glue, and the body of a prototype rover. I put some black rocks on the outside of my terrarium to cover up the imperfections I accidentally¬†made during the Space Race project. One thing that I think was a success is how I reused plastic from another project to make something that could inspire people to do the same. A failure that I think I had was that if you look inside the casing of the terrarium you could see the glue marks from the stones I put outside. I think I grew in innovation by using something that would be discarded to something that could be used for a long time. I also learned from this project that you could create something that you might not need, into something that could inspire people to do the same.

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